Dr. Wesam

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Dr. Wesam Ibrahim Alanqar


Professional Skills

Management 100%
Strategic Consulting 100%
Digital Strategy 100%
Business Development 100%

Experience & Activities

Dr. Wesam Alanqar is also the Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer at Emirates College of Technology (Mother to CEC). He oversees the Corporate Strategic Plan development and execution. In addition, he is responsible for the overall Digital Transformation across the enterprise covering all customer segments. Furthermore, he directs the overall business development related to business partnerships across the academic and industrial bodies. Prior to Emirates College of Technology, Dr. Alanqar was a senior associate with Booz Allen Hamilton and Arthur D. Little, and a Principal Technology Strategist with Sprint-Nextel. During his 20-years tenure, Dr. Alanqar co-founded two technology startups in mobile technologies and Healthcare.

Dr. Alanqar holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kansas (US), MBA in Strategic Management from Purdue University (US), M.S in Electrical Engineering from University of Missouri-Columbia (US), Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from United Arab Emirates University (UAE)