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Vocational Education Programs

Diploma Business Administration

Aspiring to develop your skills to keep pace with the needs of the market in the public and private sector?  Hurry up to enroll in Business Administration Diploma

Diploma Human Resources

Aiming to develop your skills in managing human resources effectively and being recognized by the National Qualifications Authority? Hurry up and register in the Diploma in Human Resources

Vocational Training Programs

Certified Internal Auditor

Be a pioneer in the field of auditing, by obtaining one of the most famous international certificates for internal auditors and the standard by which you prove your professional competence in internal auditing.

Certified Management Accountant

Take your accounting career to new heights with the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) course.

Project Management Skill

keep abreast of changes in project management by obtaining the most accredited and internationally recognized certificate PMP for project managers