Diploma in Human Resources (HR)

The Diploma in Human Resources accredited by the National Qualifications Authority (NQA) aims more at building skills, making decisions and dealing with market variables in effective ways to enhance experiences and achieve institutional excellence by adopting international best practices and technological applications as training and educational materials.


12 – 18 MONTHS





Qualification Objectives

The aim of the Diploma in Human Resources is to give a depth of knowledge, skill, and application to learners who are practitioners in the workplace. The qualification has three core units, health and safety, communication and social responsibility and citizenship, and six specialist units. The specialist units look at planning the workforce,  remuneration management, recruiting and selecting staff, inducting staff, terminating staff, managing expatriate staff, performance management system in human resource environments, and staff remuneration


Qualification Level

The qualification of this program has been classified as a Level 5 Qualification; Indicating that a broad range of specialized and relevant associated knowledge, including some theoretical and abstract concepts with limited depth

Entry Requirement

Level of knowledge, skill, and performance of human resources. Functional IT skills would be an advantage. A pre-entry requirement of Certificate 4 level. Credit transfer is available as published. Available in both English or Arabic Language

Qualification Units

  • The modules of this program have been segmented into two categories; the Core Unit and the Specialist Unit.

    Credit value 
    36 Credit hours

    Certification requirement 
    10 Units, 3 core, 7 specialist