Insurance services are sought by both individuals and businesses alike. Since conventional insurance companies do not adhere to Islamic rules, Takaful system is on the rise. To fulfill the growing need for Takaful professionals who can tap into this market, AIMS designed the holistic Takaful certification. Certified Takaful Professional (CTP) focuses on delivering knowledge and insights on Islamic practices regarding insurance. By the end of the two Takaful courses offered under CTP, students will become experts on the Sharia-compliant methods of Insurance. Via following the Takaful system, professionals will become skilled to deliver value to religiously inclined customers. Course Objectives
  • Produce highly skilled professionals with the necessary professional and technical skills to manage Takaful related products and services.
  • Be a globally recognized Takaful professional with a renowned Takaful certification.
  • Achieve up-to-date Takaful practices through Takaful courses designed by industry specialists and renowned scholars.
  • Comprehensive knowledge that will strategically prepare you to build skills, competencies and experience working in the Islamic Insurance industry.
Course Outline
  • The principle of Takaful insurance and its comparison to commercial insurance
  • Background of Takaful insurance in the Islamic law
  • Islamic sharia supervision of insurance companies
  • Takaful insurance application by Islamic banks
  • Current implications faced in the Takaful industry and expectation of the future
Audience For anyone with or without a sharia background who would like to develop their skills and expertise in Islamic insurance  

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