The course is exclusively designed to provide comprehensive and practical knowledge of risk management in Islamic financial services. It will also highlight and discuss relevant features, criteria, standards, policies, regulations as well as operations related to the risk issues. What are the current developments and trends ahead for the Islamic financial institutions in mitigating risk in the sectors? What are the successes of managing risk in Islamic finance? What are the criteria and structure of Islamic risk in Islamic financial services? All these issues will be covered in this course. Eligibility:
  • MBA Finance holders or
  • Com Graduate and M.Com or
  • Minimum 15 years of education or
  • Any education certificate related to accounting, auditing, or finance.
Course Objectives:
  • Understand the framework and structure of Islamic financial services
  • Acquire the knowledge of risk in Islamic financial services
  • Identify types of risk in Islamic finance
  • Identify the criteria and principles in mitigating risk in structuring Islamic financial products and instrument
  • Examine several Shariah and legal risks in the documentation and structuring Islamic financial services – banking, securities, and Takaful
  • Explore and update current issues on risk in Islamic financial services
  • Review and update the challenges of risk in Islamic finance
Course Outline
  • Risk Management Process in Islamic Financial Services
  • Risk Management and Governance In Islamic Financial Services
  • Capital Adequacy Ratio For Islamic Banking – Model and CAR Calculation
  • Legal Risk in Islamic banking and finance
  • Credit Risk in Islamic banking and finance
  • Managing Liquidity Risk in Islamic Financial Products and Instruments
  • Shariah Compliance Risks in Islamic banking and finance
  • Operational Risk in Islamic Financial Services
  • Reporting of Financial Risk in Islamic Finance: An Islamic Accounting Perspective
  • Risk Calculation Method for Islamic Financing

Market and Business Risk in Islamic Financial Services


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