Overview This course has been meticulously designed so that the information presented to delegates can be easily transferred from the classroom to their business. CRMP principles can be applied to any business, regardless of size or type. This feature, therefore, has the additional advantage of allowing candidates to transfer their knowledge across businesses if they choose to leave their existing position. At The Continuing Education Center at Emirates College of Technology, our CRMP courses are taught by expert Risk Management training instructors, who are dedicated to encouraging the advancement of knowledge in this area of business. Course objective
  • An increase in career prospects with an industry-recognized qualification
  • Enable the candidate to demonstrate your abilities in assessing and managing risks
  • M_o_R® is a generic framework meaning that if you choose to change sectors, the qualification will still be valid
  • Self-employed can find work more easily with the recognized qualification
  • Network with other professionals, both within your specific field and also, more generally within a business setting
  • Encourage openness within the organization
Course Outline
  • Defining Risk
  • An Overview of Risk Management
  • Why is Risk Management necessary?
  • What makes Risk Management worthwhile?
  • The Principles of Risk Management
  • Risk Management Culture
  • The Risk Management Process
  • Assessments and Control of Risk Management
  • Duties and Roles Adopted
  • Risk Management Tools
  • Making Changes
  • Communicating
  • Engaging with Stakeholders
  • The Economics of Risk Management
  • The Application of Risk Management
  • Overcoming Problems
  • Concluding CRMP
Audience This course has been designed to benefit professionals who have the responsibility of regularly making important business decisions and wish to enhance their Risk Management abilities and apply them to their business. There are no prerequisites for this Certified Risk Management Professional qualification.  

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The Continuing Education Center (CEC) aims at delivering a high-quality learner experience by providing professional and vocational learning opportunities geared toward preparing the learning skills and competencies for both UAE and the global competitive markets.
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